The proper PhD dissertation template and where to find it

You will probably have already had a vast amount of suggestions as how to write a good dissertation paper. The best advice is to follow the instructions given to you by your professor and also to try out these suggestions regarding the proper dissertation template and where to find it and always be on the lookout for an example dissertation paper.

  • Ideas.Look for topics that both interest and enthuse you. Decide if you want to replicate previous work, using a different viewpoint or if you want to update a paper by using a different technique/or using different criteria/ different analysis.
  • Hypothesis. The tricky bit is that if you find it is difficult to verbalise what you hope to do then it may be that your ideas are too tenuous. Often when developing the hypothesis it may initially take a paragraph to explain it – but over time you will be able to precis.
  • Examples. Develop a critical eye by looking at examples of other PhD papers. Make a collection of at least three papers that can illustrate a good, poor and outstanding paper. Ideally get papers that have been annotated as this will help you to focus on what is expected.
  • Structure. This really follows on from looking at examples. Look at the instructions that you have been given and compare that to the examples that you have. Note how the information is given to the reader as well as how ideas follow a logical progression.
  • Abstract. Although the abstract is at the beginning of the paper, do not write this first. Always leave the abstract as the last section that you write. By doing this everything is fresh in your mind and you are more able to just pick out the salient information.
  • Project Diary. This is where you can keep all of the relevant information for your paper. Essentially this is good practice for any extended piece of work that you do now or in the future. Additionally it saves time as all the information you need is in one place.
  • Time. Most PhD guidelines and templates forget emphasis on the amount of time that it takes to not only gather information, but to also to write the paper. Always allow more time than you think it will take you. Remember to include proofreading time.

If you have worked through these guidelines then you should be well on the way to producing a PhD paper that you will be proud of.

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