Ways of Picking a Winning Faculty Thesis Committee Mentors

Graduate students take keenly on how the constitution of a dissertation panel happens. Such a panel always has a huge bearing in influencing their performance concerning the defense of their dissertation proposals or final defense. As a result, you should properly determine who sits (professors) at the committee to avoid laying waste to all your time, resources, and effort you put in when developing your dissertation.

So how can you pick a dissertation committee member?

How do you Pick a Winning Faculty Thesis Committee Mentor?

The dissertation or thesis committee always has the sway in directing your research trajectory. Besides this, you also have to present the study findings to this committee for approval to qualify for the graduate or postgraduate degree. It proves crucial to understanding the function of this committee to know how to appoint the right members for slots in the panel. Functions include determining the success level of your research, how quickly it can progress, your future professional potential, networking, among others.

You also have to comprehend the role of the chairperson of the dissertation committee. The chairperson can approve a research topic, sign committee participants, deciding your qualification to defend your dissertation, besides the determination of your qualification to graduate.

In most academic jurisdictions and universities, departments have firm rules when it comes to anyone who can sit and serve in a dissertation panel. Most of these departments will require potential members to have enough expertise, teach a graduate class, and possess a good publication record. However, use parameters such as expertise level, accessibility, feedback, success, and personal style in determining the suitability of a member to sit on a dissertation panel.

You should also consider taking potential committee members to task when interviewing about the respective work issues such as the subject, whether in science, arts, music, or math. Another useful way entails consulting parents for advice on the potential committee members besides getting recommendation letters in instances where it proves necessary. So you have to learn every rule within the college in getting every resource to help you pick without wasting time on ineligible candidates. 

Grad students can take their time and consult their professors as well. Understand their expertise level concerning your field by considering their publications to gauge their competence. Potential candidates should have an interest in your dissertation subject to prove capable of investing more time in your research project. 

Consider the committee’s availability and accessibility because professors can prove too busy at times and fail to offer you useful guidance in developing your dissertation. You have to have the proper guidance when it comes to getting directed to the correct and relevant science, music, math, and art resources. 

You have to settle on a serious committee because it should prove responsible for the quality control of the initial draft. So having someone with an excellent reputation for reading and critiquing academic papers can help.


A dissertation or thesis committee plays a fundamental role in determining your research success. By considering the guidelines at our thesis writing blog, you will prove successful in picking the right professors to help you through your thesis or dissertation research process.   

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