Useful hints for writing an abstract for a dissertation easily

Writing the abstract can be a be a bit of a chore, but by following these useful hints for writing an abstract for a dissertation easily gets the task completed, especially if the dissertation writing advice from writers own experiences.

  • Read. With a critical eye look at abstracts on other papers such as a dissertation paper sample. It is well worth spending a bit of time to see how other writers have developed their abstract and how it relates to the content of their paper.
  • Leave until the end. Always, always leave writing the Abstract until last. This may seem a difficult as it is at the beginning of any academic paper, but as you go through the process all will be clearer.
  • Make Notes. When you are writing the other sections of the paper, jot down phrases that may be significant to use in the Abstract. You may not use them all but they may be useful.
  • Words. Always keep in mind the number of words that you can use for the Abstract. You will also find that you will have to make several drafts in order to arrive at the final draft.
  • Reason. Focus on the reason for having an abstract. It is the most read section of any paper, as it will help the reader to decide whether the contents of the paper meet with their needs.
  • Facts. Make sure that any facts that you cite in your abstract are accurate. It is important that you check this as you may misrepresent a statistic that is slightly different in your results section.

Ideally the abstract needs to be seen as a brief of what the paper contains; why the paper is of significant academic interest; how the information or the results were achieved. It also needs to include the criteria that you used for sampling and the tools that you used for analysis. If you are able to include all of this information then you will have a very superior abstract. You can find more information from this important source.

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