List of Dissertation Topics for Strong Research

Finding a relevant topic for your dissertation can be very difficult, especially when looking for something that hasn’t been explored. That aside, the topic should be appealing to attract the attention of both academia and industries. Writing a dissertation is no joke for you to choose just any s. Aside from being time-consuming, it takes a lot of effort and commitment and defines you as a student.

How do you define a good topic? A good dissertation topic must be:

  • Unique even if the topic has been explored previously, it shouldn’t have been entirely exhausted
  • Relevant to your field of studies
  • It should be open for research in terms of available materials

Choosing a dissertation topic

In some instances, your professor may offer some topic suggestions to choose from. However, this is not always the case, and you may need to come with your topic. When selecting a topic, it should be something that interests you, has enough materials to peruse, and checks through samples of exciting topics.

Where to get dissertation topic ideas

As already said, it’s not easy to come up with your own dissertation topic; hence, you may need some help. Here are some places to look for topic ideas.

  • Publications: Read through some of the recent publications on your field of studies to find some pressing issues needing further examination.
  • Previous works: Check through previous scientific studies to find topics which not been completely exhausted.
  • Discussion at scientific conferences: Scientists and researchers organize conferences to discuss issues relating to their fields. Read on the various topics discussed at these conferences and choose something relevant.
  • Online search: Online such is one of the best ways to choose a topic.

Topic Suggestions for your dissertation

Business and administration

  • Influences of Effective Audit on Giant Corporation’s Income
  • Effects of Income Tax on Small Businesses
  • A study on In-house vs. External Audit
  • How career mentoring influences job success
  • HR Policies’ Influences on Employee Job Satisfaction
  • How Big Corporations Influences Public Administration
  • Marketing strategies suitable for social media campaigns

Economics Dissertation Topics

  • Impact of Tax Evasion by International Firms on the National Economy
  • The Economic Impact of Corporate Factories in Developing Countries
  • Adverse Effects of Corruption in Governmental Agencies on a Country’s Economy
  • Impact on Franchising on Global Economy
  • Contribution of Social Networks to Global Economy
  • Analyzing Modern Europe’s Gender Wage Gap

Finance Thesis Topics

  • Does Branding Influence a Buyer’s Choice?
  • Influences of Credit Programs in Small Business Growth
  • Effects of an Increase of Hedge Funds on Economics

Medicine Research Topics

  • How to treat injuries in diabetic patients
  • Medical treatment of patients with acute pains
  • The pros and cons of Modern Private Nursing System
  • How to Diagnose and Treat Patients with Communication Problems

Topics on Physical Education

  • Fighting Obesity Using Physical Education Programs
  • How Physical Education can benefit Children with Autism Spectrum
  • Using Football to Develop the Communication Skills in Children
  • Treating Depression Using Light Therapy
  • Spousal Divorce: Effects on Child’s Mental Health
  • Using Marijuana to Prevent Cancer

Law Dissertation Topics

  • Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage and its Social-Economic Benefits
  • Child Labor in Third World Countries and its legal concerns
  • Preventing Marriage without Consent with current Legislative Changes

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