Formatting a Dissertation in APA: Things You Should Not Forget

If you’re required to write an MBA dissertation, you might need to format it in the American Psychological Association (APA) style. It’s important to remember the exact requirements when formatting your academic paper. If you submit a poorly formatted thesis, your committee won’t accept it. For this reason, you should learn the general guidelines related to formatting your dissertation according to the APA standards.

Dissertation Help: Things to Know When Formatting Your Paper in the APA Style

  • The margins on the top, bottom, and sides should be set to 1 inch.
  • Every paragraph should start with an indentation of one-half inch.
  • The font size should be 12 and the font type should be Times New Roman.
  • The entire text of your paper should be double-spaced.
  • In the top-left corner of every page, there should be a running head containing the shortened version of your paper’s title written in all caps.
  • The general structure of your paper should include the title page, abstract, main body, and list of references.
  • On the title page, there should be the title of your dissertation, your name, institutional affiliation, and an author’s note.
  • The abstract should be written without indentation and consist of no more than 250 words.
  • The main body of your paper should include such chapters as the introduction, methodology, results, and discussion.
  • All the entries in your list of references should be alphabetized and double-spaced.

Getting a Custom Dissertation

In order not to write and format your thesis by yourself, you can hire a freelance writer to provide you with a custom-written paper. If you want to get the highest score for your academic work, you should make a deal with a truly competent and trustworthy freelancer, however. Working with amateurs, you’re likely to pay for the services of low quality. To make sure your candidate for hire is professional, follow these tips:

  • Ask them about their education. If you need to buy a dissertation in finance, for example, your writer should have a degree in this field. Also, they should have a document that proves their expertise in academic writing. If a freelancer refuses to provide you with any evidence of their education, they’re likely to be an amateur.
  • Ask them about their experience. It’s recommended to deal with the seasoned dissertation writers for hire rather than with young ones. An experienced freelancer should be much more likely to complete your order without any mistakes and misunderstandings. Ask the writers you consider hiring to show you their resumes to check their professional experience.
  • Ask them about their sample papers. A professional and reliable writer should have several excellent examples of their writing to share with their potential customers. Amateurs may also have sample papers but their quality will be much lower. If a writer has no examples to show you, think twice before dealing with them.
  • Ask them about their guarantees. Honest and trustworthy dissertation writers should provide their customers with assurances that guarantee the highest quality of their services. If you make a deal with a writer who offers no guarantees, you might get a poorly written thesis and won’t be able to require the return of your money.

Now, you know about the main things to keep in mind when formatting your dissertation in accordance with the APA style. Remember, however, that the formatting is one of the last steps you should take during your work. Before that, you should perform plenty of other important activities, like selecting a proper topic, conducting research, crafting an outline, writing your paper, and so on. You’ll get a high score for your academic work only if you put all your effort in all the important steps.

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